Master 1&2 ENS Paris

Caroline MULLER

             Lecture Notes for part A
             Homework due Oct 22nd

             Slides and links:
# Introduction, Hydrostatic and hypsometric equations, Slides, Video jet stream, Video Coriolis 1, Video Coriolis 2
# Geostrophy, properties of the geostrophic wind, Slides, Vortex: irrotational, rotational
# Lab experiment with rotating table : Effects of rotation, Taylor columns
# Vorticity in the lab, Wave group/phase velocity 1, Wave group/phase velocity 2
# Thermal wind
# Lab experiment with rotating table : thermal wind, baroclinic instability
# Rossby waves, some nice notes on Rossby waves, TP Instructions and Codes
# Fronts Slides1, Slides2, Some thoughts on North Dakota
# Fronts continued : vertical structure, satellite visualisation
# Tropical meteorology: slides, Cloud in a bottle movie1 and movie2. Link to the module "Thermal wind"

MIT open courseware - lecture notes - see in particular chapters 6 and 7

For those interested in clouds and convection, here is some additional reading: module "Principles of convection 1"

An interesting paper on stationary waves: Held et al 2002

An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology, by James R. Holton

Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, by Benoit Cushman-Roisin

Physics of Climate, by Jose P. Peixoto and Abraham H. Oort