Dr Bruno Deremble
  • University Grenoble Alpes
  • 70 rue de la physique
  • 38 058 Grenoble Cedex 9
  • +33 4 38 38 81 86
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I am a physical oceanographer (CNRS researcher at University Grenoble Alpes - IGE). The aim of my research is centered around several key questions that I believe to be of prime importance to oceanography and climate dynamics. My work focuses on ocean-atmosphere interactions, mesoscale structures, oceanic intrinsic variability, and atmospheric weather regimes. To address these questions, my approach is to proceed systematically from theory and process oriented studies to regionally embedded, fine scale primitive equation modeling. Specifically, my current research projects include:

  • Building and understanding the physics of a multiple scale ocean model (that combines planetary and quasi-geostrophic physics),
  • Identifying and characterizing the ocean low-frequency variability in idealized and realistic ocean models,
  • Understanding the eddy-topography interaction.

Course Notes

Dynamique de l'atmosphère et des océans MEC433 Polytechnique


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