Main research topics

Extratropical climate variability and extremes

In extratropical regions, atmospheric perturbations with different spatial and time scales interact with each other. Our objective is to study such interactions with a focus made on processes leading to the formation of high-impact weather events (wind storms, heavy precipitations, cold spells, heat waves,...)

Troposphere-stratosphere interactions

Our work on troposphere-stratosphere interactions follows observational, theoretical and modelling approaches. Our observational component consists in developing innovative instruments, coordinating and participating in field campaigns. Observational data are used to validate theories and improve representation of dynamical processes in atmospheric models

Dynamics of the tropical troposphere

Tropical circulations like monsoons and tropical cyclones depend on convection which corresponds to the movement of air masses leading to clouds formation. We study the life cycle and spatial organization of the convection following complementary approaches: development of theories, development of parameterizations in global atmospheric models but also development of instruments and participations in field campaigns.

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Data assimilation and predictability